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Biotech high-level training and employment programs

  • 2014-05-14

Biotech high-level training and employment programs
[103 years (Phase II), Dr. Chu elite class biotech joint training cum selection described matchmaking will]
In the past, post-doctoral research training in Taiwan to engage in academic research and teaching as a career planning objectives; make full use of high-level human resources for the development of Taiwan's biotech industry, the Office of the Executive Yuan Science and Technology will be reported to promote 'biotech high-level training and employment programs,' the postdoctoral training combined with the necessary industrial development, with a view to inject high-level Taiwanese biotech industry professional human resources.
Will be held on April 23 (three) at the Taipei International Convention Center, National Taiwan University Hospital and April 25 (five) false Zenda Suites, Tainan, hold two joint selection briefings. 103 years (Phase II) a total of 15 training units involved in the selection of 100 doctoral-level training Chu biotech elite. Who was admitted to doctoral-level talent, training units will be given a one-year post-doctoral training and help put into value-added biotech industry. The main focus in the area of ​​training of medicines, medical equipment, medical management and other industry-related functions of the combat training (on-the-job training), and to provide at least six months (inclusive) of the industrial units through training invite the partners or medical center The core functions of practical training opportunities.